06 November 2011

10 Major Sins in Islam

The sins are classified into two categories, the major sins and minor sins. It is easy to abstain from major sins and never know it because we like to go near them, but to refrain from minor sins is the real problem because sometimes we do not know if we have committed sins, and not even repent because our ignorance.

According to scholars, 80 percent of all acts that are not in the category of reward or punishment in the category. They are called mutahab. Since the topic is about serious sins that will focus on them only.
Acts are grave sins that will be replaced with much sorrow, not only in this world, but in the beyond. Here are some grave sin;
1: shirkShirk or attribute partners to God is that sin will never be forgiven, because when a person commits shirk, associates partners with Allah and goes beyond the concept of the Oneness of God. Over time, humanity was lost in the matter of worldly affairs and forgot the message of God and their God was. Shirk comes with suspicion. When a person suspects that something could not hurt or cause any other damage that begins to find a way to get rid of it, sometimes by prayer and sometimes praying others against. This demonstrates the weakness of the magnet.
4:48. Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should establish with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, who has made tremendous invented a sin.
2: Do not call kafir a kafirIt's another great sin to call a Muslim a kafir or a right. A kafir is a person who does not believe in God. Thus, a kafir is not befriend him, nor should it be taken as a family. In the Quran, Allah swt even told us to ignore even parents who are kafir, kafir because they live with Wil weakens the Imam of the Muslims. But this should not be confused with dawah. This means dawah inviting others to Islam. But making friends with kafir or taking them as a means of family members who do not mind the honor of God and thus committed a grave sin.
3: blasphemyAlthough profanity is not even considered as a sin less today, but it is a major sin., And those who mocked Muhammad SAWW at the time of Muhammad SAWW life and even after him, most of them were killed by this. A love and respect Muhammad SAWW is the most important for all Muslims to do. If you can not hear a bad word about our own parents, how can we make our ears listen to the filth against our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW?
4: to renounce IslamApostasy is another grave sin and in most cases killed apostates, whether one comes with thousands of explanations. It is written in the Qur'an and Sahih Hadith explained from the apostates who renounce Islam for the sake of a prize or defame Islam should be killed. These people become a danger to the imans even other people and sometimes we see a protection of non-Muslims, and their dirty work are rewarded for them. Slamn Rushdi, Taslima Nasrin and others are apostates stressed that instead of cleaning their errors was based on his personal views on Islam and are still under the protection of non-Muslims.
5: innovationTo innovate new things in Islam and reject some things of Islam and Hadith and the Qur'an is another grave sin. Innovators are people who change Sharia row according to their wishes and in doing so, they do not understand for a second that not only ruined his own imans but ruined his followers also magnet. Today we see many innovative misleading people and people blindly follow them also.
6: the rejection of the TraditionsThe rejection of the Sunnah and only believe in the Quran is also a grave sin. Muhammad SAWW predicted about those people who reject hadith. Furthermore, it is against orders to obey Allah and obey His Messenger SAWW these people are excluded from the folds of Islam.
7: murderThe murder is a grave sin that is condemned in Islam is very clear. Quran says that whoever kills an innocent person has killed all mankind. Thus, the Qur'an, conviction and wrongful death does not restrict Muslim Muslims, but also the no. Such a person is punished in this world and he will be at the mercy of God in this matter in the beyond.
8: suspicionThe suspicions are human perceptions about the things he sees. These perceptions sometimes made disbelief and sometimes other damage. Thus, misperceptions and suspicions are limited for no reason in Islam. They have no basis in Islam and always without foundation.
9: lies and back bitingLies and slander have also been major sins. Lies can not hide and gossip is as if someone eats flesh of his dead brother, who is degusting. When a person is he cuts his good works and when a person backbite, gives one of his good deeds to the person on which slanders and takes his sins as a reward. Gossip is telling the truth (something negative) of a person in his absence.
10: Jadu-magicMagic is a grave sin and treated to avoid. The magic is knowledge that is to invoke evil jins and devils to serve a purpose. The magician who does not even know who is committing a sin, but in fact appeals to Allah instead of jins and also to any other detriment. Magic was never used for good from day one. That was always taken as an easy source of planting the seed of hatred among people that magic is not only shirk but also a sin of others uncomfortable, due to the wishes of a bad one.


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