21 November 2011

More Craigslist Tips & Resources


  • Check what IP address your a using online at any given time, but most importantly for craigslist marketing, it is the location of the IP that is the most significant. Make your initial posts in the wrong city and you account will be flagged and you will never post a live ad to that account PERIOD. Once you account, IP, headline, content has been flagged...never try and use it again. Once flagged by the craigslist programs these resources are obsolete.

URL Shorteners

  • There are plenty online for you to choose from. Simply google the term. Don't bother trying to use the ones that are known for being popular with internet marketers, like, viralurl, tinyurl, yatu etc...
  • Try this one to get you started. Scroll down midway on the screen and you will see a list of "services not reviewed" - these links will take you to external URL shorteners that are less common with online marketers (well maybe until now - the flip side of sharing all your secrets!)

Buying Domain Names

For just a few dollars you can buy a domain name. (consider the cheaper options first) Set the domain so that the frame redirected to another destination (your website or capture page lead, for example). If you choose a unique name that has never been recorded before this is better, because then you know it is not blacklisted on craigslist yet. This domain will do for craigslist posting for a while until it is picked up byrobots. Whatever name you choose, but I do not use words like "make money", "internet marketing

Linking To Other Ads

Take the url for an ad you have posted on another website and use that url for your craigslist marketing. Sending people to a video link is another option.

How To Have Your URL Temporarly Whitelisted

So by now you understand a little more about how craigslist works and what types of things will get your ads ghosted.

Great! Let's work the system and use craigslists rules to our advantage.

How? Here is one of my best advice, but requires a little investment on your part. If you are considering the purchase of software, car cardsintellectual property, etc. can be changed digg a little more and give yourad a better chance of hitting through the adoption of this trick.

Paying for an ad in one of the cities where craigslist is being charged per message. Then you have a URL that appears to be safe in the craigslistsystem at least for the period covered by payment. Prices vary from city to city in order to check and find the cheapest city.
The use of this domain, create multiple sub-domains to be used for bulkshipments to publication. Too easy:)
Just be sure to check that your domain provider allows unlimited sub​​-domains at no additional cost to you. If yours does not, simple, find one that does and use your service instead.

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