21 November 2011

Using Image Ads & BlogSpot Redirects On Craigslist

Using image ads and BlogSpot redirects are another great option when it comes to getting your ads to stick on craigslist.

How To Create An Image Ad On Craigslist

1. Post an image ad that is clickable (people can just click the image and go to your site…
<a href="http://yatuc.com/cgl-v7UC5q7n" rel="nofollow"><img
- Make sure you replace my info with yours
2. Posting a regular image ad…cannot be clicked
src="http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn147/photosoloutions/freead.jpg" border="0"></a>

How To Create A Blogspot Redirect On Craigslist

1. Go to http://www.blogspot.com
2. Create a new acct…
3. Create a post on your blog with this code:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0;URL=http://www.putyourwebsitehere.com">
Make sure you create 2 different posts with this same code.
At the end of your blogspot url, you can put random letters and numbers…
Ex) http://enteryourblogspotnamehere.blogspot.com/?PKxP4NLA

How To Get Most Out Of Your Craigslist Ads

This trick can be obvious if you know about testing trends and site traffichitsbut they know nothing about this, then pay attentionThis technique and the links below to research can be applied to any free classified ad you choose to do online. In addition, you can also find a use for them in other elements of your business promotions.

I highly recommend doing research before starting place to publish.We've already established that craigslist has a lot of traffic and readers, but that cities are the most popular? Where people go when visitingcraigslist.org?

If you visit alexa.com and find information craigslist traffic there are a lotof useful information.


When you scroll to the bottom of the page is a game..

Where people go on Craigslist.org

Listed in traffic volume you will find an up-to date summary of the most visited cities. It stands to reason that if you try and focus on these cities you are bound to get more visitors.
To apply the above to other websites, simply substitute the extension =Craigslist.org for you desired website. eg =hubpages.com


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